Organizational Culture Review Program

Last week, social networks were taken over by a video disclosed during the production of content that would be broadcasted live by Lira Advogados, on April 28, on the Internet.

The video caused outrage to everyone who watched it, especially to our employees, their families, our clients, suppliers, friends, and colleagues. That is because it showed one of our partners treating the representative of the company hired to produce the event in an extremely disrespectful way, inadmissible and not subject to explanations.

As a result, Lira Advogados formally presents a sincere apology to everyone, especially to the disrespected service provider and to the members of the firm and clients, and, at the same time, publicly undertakes to learn from this unfortunate experience. More than that, the scene drew the partners' attention to an extremely relevant issue: the pressing need to look inside, improve the way we live and conduct our interpersonal relationships within our office.

Our focus has always been and will always be to provide high-quality services to our clients with uncompromising respect for ethics. This objective will only be preserved if we ensure a healthy and respectful environment among all our members and with the entire ecosystem that surrounds us. We have hired trained professionals in the areas of Compliance and Human Resources to conduct a critical analysis of the work environment, habits, interpersonal relations policies, and organizational environment of Lira Advogados in a project that has been announced today to all our employees. The diagnosis will serve as a foundation for the construction of a new corporate culture, focused on respect and well-being with the implementation of policies, internal controls, and training.

The consultancy will report directly to an internal committee, made up of lawyers of different levels of seniority, who will function independently from the administrative areas of the office. And, in parallel, a reporting channel will be opened that will respect the anonymity of its users; and a process for investigating and handling claims will be implemented to ensure that events such as the one on April 28 will never happen again.

Finally, we are committed to reporting on the progress of the Organizational Culture Review Program so that we can publicly restate our commitment to achieving excellence in the quality of work relationships and people development.

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