Customs & Trade

Global trade involves more than 180 countries and is disciplined by countless regulations. The domain of customs relations and international trade depends on the combination of international treaties and organizations knowledge, commercial practices and standards, internal rules of various countries and economic blocs and corporate procedures.

A complex work that is faced with serenity by our well known team of Customs & Trade. Our leadership in legal-customs affairs in Brazil has been recognized by specialized publications since 2010 and by the many global leaders from various economic sectors who are our clients, to whom we deliver trade compliance and use of opportunities.

  • Customs Anticorruption
  • HS Classification
  • AEO Accreditation
  • Customs Advice - Brazil and Latin America
  • Special Customs Regimes
  • Commercial Defense - Antidumping
  • Implementation of the Trade Compliance Program
  • INCOTERMS and International Agreements
  • Import Duty Reductions
  • Rules of Origin and Customs Valuation