About LIRA Advogados

Meeting the legal requirements in a complex bureaucratic environment is not an easy task, but can be approached in an efficient and economical form with the knowledge and experience of LIRA Attorneys at Law.

The firm was founded in 2005 by lawyers with in-house corporate experience who understand the business pressures to operate profitably, while reducing compliance risks. We assist our clients in their legal management and compliance routines, Tax and Customs Law, as well as litigation, with a result-oriented practical approach, based on quality of services and strong ethical values that have brought our law firm to a prominent position in Brazil and abroad.

Our personalized customer service makes the burden of bureaucracy and compliance easier. The portfolio of services is tailored to serve international companies in Brazil, no matter their sizes and origins.


To contribute significantly to our clients’ operations, by being a Lawyers society in which they can trust to advise on strategic projects and to defend their interests.


To be a leader in the Brazilian market as a result of the quality of our legal work, providing comprehensive advice on industrial and commercial operations carried out both nationally and internationally.


Professional Management - we seek to implement modern methods to the management of the firm, both in the services to clients and in the development of our professionals.

Commitment - we are aware of the seriousness of the issues in which we represent our clients and we repay this trust with absolute dedication.

Knowledge- we excel in the domain of all legal aspects related to industrial and commercial operations and to the flow of goods in global chains - activities that involve practices we humbly seek to learn from our customers. Combining theoretical and practical knowledge, we aim at the excellence in our activities.

Integrity- we are governed by ethical principles and have a compliance program aimed at curbing illicit and reprehensible conduct. We offer our clients compliance services in various areas of their operations.

Communication- we seek to facilitate legal discussions through synthesis, simplification of language without excessive formality, using of technology and, above all, through an optimistic posture at work and empathy with our clients.

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