Compliance - LIRA Advogados

LIRA Advogados is founded on a solid Compliance Culture, which is the starting point of all our services and actions.

Internally, we have adopted policies and practices aimed at combating illicit, criminal and/or immoral acts such as corruption, fraud, bribery, influence peddling, improper exchanges, money laundering and crimes against the economic order. We take as a basis the best practices, which serve to guide the conduct of each of our professionals.

Therefore, we create a commitment to society, our clients, partners and team members, to practice and propagate the Compliance Culture, thus building a fairer society with greater capacity for development.


  • Everyone should be treated fairly and equitably, we disregard all discriminatory acts, abusive and offensive acts against the moral and physical integrity of any person, whether by race, color, nationality, religion, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, physical disability, social position, and any other conduct with a discriminatory nature;
  • We ensure that all information in our communication with the public is truthful, clear, adequate and timely;
  • We defend the precepts of free competition. We condemn unfair competition, we do not form and participate in cartels, we do not enter into commercial agreements with competitors for the purpose of combining prices or dividing customers;
  • Since 2014, after review, evaluation and approval of compliance, we are certified by TRACE International, which, through a due diligence process, shares our information with all its global partners;
  • Since 2015, we have been a signatory to the “Clean Company” Anti-Corruption Business Pact, based on the UN Convention against Corruption and the 10th Global Compact Principle and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines, to promote a more ethical and fair market;
  • Since 2016, we have been registered with Dun & Bradstreet, a world leader in business information for more than 170 years with a presence in 220 countries and more than 240 million companies evaluated in the Global Database, which, through Duns Number, links information on suppliers, customers and trading partners, thus enabling a more complete view of risk and opportunity in business relationships;
  • We spread the Compliance culture through our lectures, articles, opinions and other projects. We share our experience and the benefits of adopting good behavioral practices.


  • We are based on our values for a better relationship with customers, with a view to contributing to the development of your business. We value integrity, to expose points of view that may be contrary to its recipients, to possess and improve our knowledge, to better guide our clients in a precise and clear way and, thus, to gain loyalty and create a relationship of trust;
  • We are primarily committed to the companies, we do not condone any illicit behavior, even if only reprehensible, always reporting to the instance immediately superior to that of the one who carried out the conduct;
  • We are committed to the constant development and improvement of our technical knowledge, always aiming at the best orientation and support to the demands of our clients. Our professionals have the duty of diligence in customer service, translated by an attentive, helpful and cordial attitude. The requested information and inquiries should be answered in an agile, complete and accurate manner. Keeping our clients informed, clarifying them about any doubts about our activities, business and results;
  • Assertiveness is the mark of our technical opinions issued. All are meticulously reviewed, subject to internal discussion and double-check, in a continuous improvement exercise;
  • We work under the obligation of information confidentiality. In this way, the confidential nature of any type of information related to our clients that are not known publicly known, obtained in the development of the activities related to our activity prevails. Failure to observe confidentiality shall be subject to the determination of responsibilities in the civil and criminal spheres;
  • We seek to identify the needs, expectations and opinions of our clients, aiming at the improvement of our services;
  • We are open to complaints from our customers, sent by any communication channel. We are always available to solve any type of conflict or dissatisfaction, in order to maintain a lasting relationship with our clients.


  • We do not offer and condemn any type of offer or request of benefit or incentive, financial or otherwise, that seek undue advantages or development of privileged relation;
  • We do not offer or give in to solicitations or offer suggestions of courtesies, such as gifts, presents, travel, dinners, etc., in exchange for favors or requests for facilitation in relationships with the public power;
  • Being relative to public agents is not a criteria that ease a hiring, but we do not stop hiring people for the same reason. Selective processes are guided by objective criteria;
  • We manage our business without ideological or partisan influences;
  • Our employees may engage personally in political activities, provided that it does not interfere with their responsibilities, is carried out outside the hours dedicated to work activities, acting on their own behalf and by refraining from including the name of our firm. In addition, the personal political contribution should not be made with the objective and/or expectation of favor repayment and/or any favoring.
  • Whenever according to the principles and guidelines of our policy, subsidiarily we will follow the code of conduct of the organizations that contract our services.
  • The contracting of services, such as lectures, courses and events, which will be given by public officials, must always comply with technical and objective criteria, which will not consider the position occupied by the official in question as any differential to be considered for the contracting of services, being highlighted, exactly, the contracted service.
  • We seek the continuous improvement of our policies, through internal training, information feedback of and evolution of our qualities.


  • We seek to promote human and professional development by adopting policies and practices aimed at guaranteeing decent, healthy and motivating working conditions. We do not tolerate any kind of disrespect or form of unworthy work;
  • Our professionals should not violate any rule, keep alert and avoid any situation of conflict of interest, real or potential, and should report to their superior, should it occur;
  • Our professionals should not ask or accept, for themselves or for third parties, payments or benefits of any nature to carry out their activities in the firm;
  • Our employees should not rely on their position, access to information or the name of the firm, inside or outside the work environment, to obtain personal benefits or advantages of any nature for themselves or for third parties;
  • They must not receive or pay commissions, of any denomination, payments generally to or for clients and partners;
  • We do not encourage the receipt or offering of gifts and presents;
  • It is the obligation of all professionals to establish a commitment to the code of ethics and conduct, and must report cases of violation of their knowledge;
  • Any professional who violates the principles herein, will be subject to disciplinary measures/penalties;
  • Criticisms, points and complaints regarding the conduct of our professionals that violate our Compliance Policy are encouraged, in pursuit of our continuous improvement exercise.


  • The Conduct Committee, independently, is responsible for managing, monitoring and updating the scope of this code, and taking appropriate action, if necessary;
  • The applications herein do not exhaust the ethical themes and expected behaviors, according to norms, good practices and customs;