Implementation Steps and Deadlines

Since May 4, Lira Advogados has been working, in a committed and consistent manner, on its Organizational Culture Review Program.

So far, we have dedicated ourselves to identifying and understanding the values our team considers as ideal, as well as those experienced by them in our daily lives. This mapping will allow us to work on maintaining the existing values identified as ideal as well as introducing the ones that are appreciated by our team but are not part of our culture yet.

Another part of this process is the revision of our Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, and our Reporting Channel, creating strong policies that guarantee an ideal environment for our employees and also a relationship of total trust and transparency with our clients.

The document below shows the three stages of this program and the deadline for the completion of each one.

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Implementation Steps and Deadlines
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At the end of the first stage, we will have completed the revision of our Mission, Vision, and Values, which will serve as the basis for revising and creating policies, processes, and work instructions that support and enable the new identity of Lira Advogados.

We are confident and happy with this opportunity for growth and improvement. Our goal is to become a better company for our employees and consequently for our clients, partners, and the society that surrounds and welcomes us. You can look forward to more soon! We want to keep you informed about our commitment to being a NEW Lira Advogados!

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